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Traditional banks are geared towards wealthier clients, with stringent minimum balances and credit score requirements that many individuals can't meet.

A large portion of the world's population lives in rural areas that lack the infrastructure to support banking services. 

In desperation, many turn to loan sharks and unauthorized creditors who charge exorbitant interest rates that leave them in more debt. 

Penn Microfinance can empower you to create tangible, sustainable impact.

Penn Microfinance is focused on education and research concerning the microfinance movement. We are always seeking to improve the infrastructure that exists in the industry as well as raise awareness and understanding about our work. 

We establish partnerships with microfinance institutions around the world. Currently, our students work with MFIs in Bangladesh, Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, and Rwanda in order to better serve their clients.

Penn Microfinance seeks to educate and empower students through partnerships with microfinance institutions, hands-on experiences, and networking opportunities.